Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) needed to place an order?

Typically the MOQ is 50 units per item, however, items called "budget promo products" have an MOQ of 200 units. If an item is custom-made for a client, involving moulds or dyes for instance, the MOQ will be considerably higher and the client will be made aware of this in the quote ... the only surprises we like involve cake! We strive to provide all costs and details up front so there are no unwanted surprises after a quote has been accepted by the client.

When artwork or logos are sent, what format must these be in?

Please send all artwork in vector format (for example .pdf, .cdr, .fh, .eps, .ai). To check if your artwork is vector, zoom into the image and if you see pixilated edges, it means that your artwork is non-vector. Vector artwork will remain crisp and clear no matter how much you zoom into the image.

Another way to check is if you click on your artwork and a blue block appears around it; this means that your artwork is non-vector.

Vector format allows us to do our best work for you!

What are Pantone colours?

Your brand is as important to us as it is to you. In order to ensure the best possible quality and expereince for you (and your clients and employees), we like to play by the rules.

The Pantone system is the standard language for colour communication. A Pantone colour is the colour reference number of your logo / artwork colour(s). The code is used to make sure that every printer used during the branding process produces the same colour (it ensures that the colour you select as a client is the colour that ends up on your branded product).

To ensure that we print your logo according to your corporate identity and / or branding requirements, when you place your order and supply us with your vector logo / artwork, it's vital to specify your Pantone colours.

If you do not have an exact Pantone colour, we will use one which closely matches your logo. Please note that not all branding methods can guarantee an exact match.

What is the difference between an artwork mock-up and layout?

A mock-up is an example of what your logo looks like on the item you have selected to be branded, before your order is officially placed. It is merely an example of what the branding could look like.

Your final layout may be different to the mock-up as there are restrictions to the branding area which cannot be altered. You need to sign off on your artwork layout as this will be the final approval that will go through to the branding department.

How does delivery work and are there courier costs involved?

We know you're eager to get your goods! We work with the best couriers to make sure this happens. Local delivery will be charged at a minimum of R250.00 per delivery. A courier for national deliveries can be arranged and will be charged as per our courier company’s fees. We can only confirm these courier costs once the final order has been placed.

Can I collect my order myself to avoid courier costs?

Yes, but this depends on which supplier has been used. Clients are welcome to request this and we will advise accordingly.

What is your turnaround time?

We aim to complete your order within 7-10 working days after you've signed off the final artwork (layout). We know that quality takes time and time is not always something our clients have a lot of; we try our best to deliver an amazing experience within a reasonable timeframe.

What is your sample policy?

We know some clients like to touch and feel the quality of our gifts before ordering! When we issue samples we need you to return them within five (5) working days - in their original condition and packaging. If you want branded samples, we will charge for a pre-production sample. Courier costs will be charged for all sample items. Should a client wish to view all products, please contact us and we will arrange a visit to our supplier showroom.

When can I expect my order / delivery / stock?

Sometimes a product is out of stock and needs to be ordered. You are able to place backorders on a product currently out of stock. While we strive to provide an estimated time of arrival (ETA), we cannot guarantee a specific date that the stock will be available.

Possible reasons for this include manufacturing and shipping dependencies on the side of our suppliers, as well as customs delays where stock can get held up when arriving into the country. We appreciate your patience and assure you that we're moving things along wherever possible on our side.

Can a rep come out to see me to discuss the company’s needs?

Our sales representative is available to connect in person in Cape Town and via Skype outside of the Mother City. She loves a challenge so feel free to bring all your most imaginative ideas!

Can you deliver to clients outside of Cape Town?

We have clients from the west coast to the east! We distribute to all major cities.

If I provide the unbranded products, can you put our logo on these?

Because we work with very specific techniques, materials, and processes, in order to ensure quality we require that all branding be done on the products we offer.

Do all items have to be branded?

Orders are made to specification and if you don't want branding we won't force you!