Babe it’s COLD out there!

For me personally, Winters arrival is NOT met with enthusiasm, as I am definitely more comfortable in Summer and so much happier too. I LOVE the warmth of the sun, the clothing and just the entire SUMMER vibe all round.

There are however those that prefer Winter, and some believe that COLD weather can actually make you happier. Apparently, exercising in colder weather has positive emotional and physical benefits. According to Sean Burch, fitness consultant for Women’s Health Magazine, “Cold weather stimulates your senses and tunes you in to your surroundings and makes you feel alive”. Doctors verify that there is actually a medical reason for this as the mood-lifting endorphins click in.

According to Dr. Kevin Plancher, a New York doctor, “your body has to work harder in the cold which boosts the endorphin production, which leads to a happier state of mind”. Who knew that one can be both COLD and happy! Some research has also shown that athletes generally race faster in cooler weather and kick up their speed a notch, thus burning more calories too. According to the experts, Summer's warm temperatures can make one feel tired faster, thus leading to less exercise. Maybe this is reason enough for some to LOVE Winter, but definitely NOT me. I need to understand, more about why some people prefer Winter to Summer, so I went down a rabbit hole and came up with the following reasons.

  • Some people love Winter as they feel more secure when they stay at home and isolate themselves knowing that they are missing nothing. These people tend to be introverts and less outgoing.

  • Many people who aren’t comfortable with the shape of their bodies prefer Winter as it gives them the opportunity to switch to the Winter wardrobe and snuggle up in a favourite jersey and a lovely warm scarf.

  • Some of the people don’t get cold easily and feel more comfortable during Winter than Summer.

  • During Winter people feel that they can delay important tasks without feeling guilty as the cold weather gives them a good excuse not to go out.

  • Even though it gets cold and dark early, the lovers of Winter love staying indoors where it is cosy and warm, with a good book or TV show, and a cup of hot chocolate.

  • Winter food I must admit is THE BEST! What can be better that a delicious mug filled with piping hot home-made soup and hot crusty bread, dripping in butter. Comfort food to the max! What about those wholesome home-made stews and curries, with their aromatic flavours permeating the household, just begging to be eaten. For this reason alone, I could possibly say, Winter has its advantages.

My favourite Winter Soup recipe from my late Mom, brings back so many lovely memories. Try if out and I KNOW you will love it as much as I do.

Ingredients for Moms Vegetable Beef and Barley Soup:

· 5 liters water

· 1,5 kg beef

· 4 cups chopped leeks

· 4 cups chopped celery

· 5 small turnips grated

· 3 large parsnips grated

· 5 large carrots grated

· ¾ cup of parsley, chopped finely

· 1 cup barley

· Salt and pepper to taste


  • Combine beef shank and water in a large soup pot and boil for 1 hour, skim foam as appropriate.

  • Remove beef bones and meat. Discard bones and chop meat into small pieces and return to pot.

  • Add next 6 ingredients and simmer for 1 hour.

  • Rinse barley and soak in warm water for 1 hour. Then add this, with the salt & pepper and simmer for another hour.

  • Enjoy with your favorite bread, served hot with loads of butter.

So how do we as employers make Winter a better experience for staff members and clients. It is important to remember that not everyone has the luxury of owning a car and many have to leave home VERY early, in the dark, to catch that taxi or train to work. Gifting staff members a lovely Winter Warmer gift will be so appreciated and can come in many different forms. How about a lovely scarf, beanie, and glove set, with the company logo added to create some brand awareness.

How about a branded mug, left on staff members desks with sachets of hot chocolate or instant soups to show you care? These desk drops will NEVER be forgotten! Not to forget about those loyal clients, who keep businesses going. Have a look at,winter-sets and decide what will work for both staff members and clients. There are so many to choose from and should nothing catch your eye here, please contact us and we will customize your very own Winter Warmer set, according to your requirements and budget.

How about creating some excitement within your company, whilst also giving back to the community? There is nothing like doing good for others to create harmony and togetherness within the workplace. So many people are on the street during the FREEZING Winter months, homeless, cold, and hungry. How about setting up a soup kitchen at work, give all staff members a company branded apron and as a team, make soup for the homeless which is given to the less fortunate in a branded thermal mug, which they can keep as a reminder that they are thought of and cared for.

Contact us should you need assistance with your Winter gifting or any other branded corporate gift queries you may have. Everyone deserve to be appreciated & cared for, especially during the Winter Season.

Thank you for your time and please visit our website for more ideas and information.

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