Braai Day – Part of our National Heritage

On the 24th of September, each year, the diverse cultures, and traditions that make up South Africa, are celebrated. On of the 5th of September 2007, Jan Scannell, also known as “Jan Braai, “created the event, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, was made the National Spokesperson for Braai Day.

Whilst addressing the event, Tutu said: “There are so many things that are pulling us apart and this day has the wonderful potential to bring us all together…. We have eleven different official languages but only one word for the wonderful institution of braai, in all languages.” South African History Online

According to the Daily Beast “Braai Day is The Holiday of Meat that brings South Africans together” and this is evident when travelling overseas and meeting with South African ex pats. One thing they all have in common is the yearning for a good old South African Braai, with some boerewors, a lamb tjoppie and some lovely braaibroodjies. They miss that oh so delicious smell of the braai as the meat begins to cook and the juices hit the hot coals, emitting heavenly aromas, only a true South African knows!

Jan Braai braais for a living so when he gives you tips, best you listen. Take these 10 Braai Tips with a “pinch of salt”

  1. Nothing beats a real wood fire.

  2. 'Gas' is Afrikaans for a guest at your braai, not something you braai with.

  3. Braaiing is the only fat-negative way of cooking food. Even when you steam food the fat in it stays behind. When you braai the fat drips out.

  4. Try not to braai with indigenous wood. Alien vegetation like Rooikrantz and Blackwattle drink lots of ground water and besides it feels good burning Australian invaders

  5. Braaing is a direct form of energy use, from the coals to your meat. With conventional electricity there is a lot of spillage between the power plant, power lines, electricity box, wires, stove, and pan. If you love the earth, braai.

  6. Have enough ice at your braai to put in your Klipdrift & Coke, to keep beer cold, and to treat burn wounds with.

  7. Smoke goes in the direction of pretty people, so send them to the kitchen to go and make salad.

  8. Animals eat grass, leaves and vegetables all their lives and convert it to meat. Eating meat is like eating vitamin pills.

  9. A cow must only be killed once. Don’t braai your steak until the flavour is dead too.

  10. A braaibroodjie is your chance in life to have your bread buttered on both sides.

So let Heritage Day/Braai Day, bring us all together, not only as families and friends, but also as work colleagues and with our clients too. Unfortunately, our lives have changed over the past year and a half, as we have been forced to socially distance and events and gatherings have become more of a memory than a norm. We are incredibly resilient, and we always “make a plan” so why not plan to still enjoy a wonderful Braai Day this year with those important colleagues or clients.

Braai Boxes have become extremely popular of late, filled with assorted items. Branded braai gifts, like aprons, braai tongs, oven gloves, with other branded corporate gifts which make a great impression when paired with some lovely braai treats too. Flavoured braai salts and meat rubs, olive oil, marinades, or braai sauces presented on a wooden braai board, which has your company logo on, will be remembered and used over and over again. Now that is a branded promotional product of note!

Companies who have their employees working from home are constantly trying to keep their staff engaged and united. Those days of holding a large company braai on a Friday after work, are but a memory now, so how does one keep your staff excited and united? Why not hold a virtual braai!

  1. Decide on your budget per employee or client.

  2. Consult with your corporate gifting supplier.

  3. Select the items you would like in your braai box. Gifts, perishables, like burger patties & rolls etc. Dietary & cultural/religious requirements will be taken care of too.

  4. Decide on branding and packaging to create & maximize company brand awareness.

  5. Decide on delivery date and delivery details.

  6. Place your order with your supplier.

  7. Send out your virtual braai day invitation with details & link to all employees or clients.

  8. Enjoy a wonderful staff & client virtual braai day.

A lovely touch would be to include a braaibroodjie recipe card with all the ingredients, and everyone will enjoy prepping together online, before popping the delicious broodjies on the grill.

Luxury Braaibroodjies - By Jan Braai

  • Slices of fresh sourdough bread

  • French style mayonnaise

  • Whole grain mustard

  • Gypsy ham

  • 18 months matured cheddar

  • sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil

  • spring onions

  • olive oil


Go for an oval shape sourdough bread as opposed to a round one. This way all the slices will be the same size. Slice the bread. One has a natural tendency to slice these types of bread thicker, so be conscious of avoiding that.

  1. Lay out half of the bread slices on a cutting board and liberally spread with the French style mayonnaise and whole grain mustard.

  2. Add the gypsy ham, slices of cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and chopped spring onions. Do not be stingy with any of the ingredients, this is a super luxury braaibroodjie and not only should the quality of ingredients reflect it, but also the quantity.

  3. Add the top layers of bread and drip or spread olive oil on them.

  4. Place in a hinged grid and braai over medium-low heat coals. After the first turn, also spread olive oil on the other outside, the side which was at the bottom when you assembled the units. Continue to braai over the gentle coals, turning very often, until the cheese is melted and the Braaibroodjies are golden brown on the outside.

Wishing all a peaceful and wonderful Heritage day this year and every year. Take care of those important people in your life, embrace your differences, your similarities and above all show respect and empathy.

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