What’s hot and what’s not, in the corporate gifting world

Updated: May 11, 2020

Last time, choosing the perfect gift was the topic, based on the recipient and their likes and dislikes, but now we need to look at what is presently trending, as this will impact on the choices made.

If we look at the news and social media, we can pick up on where people’s heads are at present. It is not uncommon for quotes like “One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken” — “Leo Tolstoy, to pop up in our feed.

Social and environmental awareness has become “fashionable” and this can be seen in some of the eco-friendly gift choices companies are making.

These are definitely “Hot” gifts:

  • Glass and metal drinking bottles instead of plastic.Cork has also become increasingly popular as it is sustainable & eco-friendly & biodegradable, is a natural repellent of dust, hair & small particles and is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Stainless steel drinking straws as the plastic straws have a bad name due to all the reports on how these are damaging our oceans and killing our precious sea life.

Click on the link below to have a look at a range, which is both trendy, eco-friendly and ticks all the boxes.


These can all be branded and make the perfect year-end gift for both clients and employees.

Ask us about our stunning range of seeded paper products which include bookmarks, notebooks, business cards, coasters and so much more. Once used, these can be planted and you will be rewarded with either flowers, herbs or veggies. This is a HOT and affordable gifting option.

“Local is Lekker” gifts are very popular. The benefits of buying locally are not just price driven. There are several factors involved. For one thing, aside from the issue of price, there is a fundamental need for us to cling to the idea of ‘the traditional’ in the spirit of community. These local companies are very often supporting and uplifting communities in several areas and providing employment to many.

  • Beautiful candles, room diffusers, hand washes and hand creams in beautiful boxed sets manufactured locally (also eco-friendly) from Cape Island offer the perfect year end gift to make the recipient feel valued and appreciated.

  • Eats and treats manufactured locally are another well received and very popular gift. Sally Williams come out with a stunning Christmas range each year and never fail to impress.

  • Another local pamper range Charlotte Rhys is seen in many upmarket hotels, restaurants and guest houses. This range is loved by both local and overseas recipients, so definitely a winner too.

  • Our very own Carrol Boyes who sadly passed away recently has a range of functional art pieces that fit seamlessly into both home and office spaces. The pieces are immediately recognised, and any recipient feels incredibly honoured to own a Carrol Boyes item. The new hospitality range includes exquisite room diffusers, hand lotion and hand wash in beautiful reusable glass containers. The links below will take you on a tour, so let us know if you need pricing on any of these iconic items. Carrol Boyes - Hospitality Range The cheese and wine range below is very popular with corporates too as most budgets can be catered for here. Have a look and feel free to contact us for further information. Carrol Boyes - Cheese & Wine Range

  • Another reason to buy from our lovely local Carrol Boyes is the fact that this company is invested in supporting local charities and donations are made to various NPO’s annually. One such NPO is Monkeybiz which focuses on reviving the art of beadwork and was very close to the company founder Carrol Boyes’ heart. The NPO employs 340 female bead artists and helps alleviate poverty, whilst harnessing their creative spirit. Is this not reason enough to support one of our local heroes?

In addition, 2019’s hottest promotional products also include: (in no particular order)

  • Power Banks

  • Bluetooth Speakers

  • Back of cell phone accessories

  • Well-Presented Gift Sets

  • Drinkware

  • Beach-Related Products

If the above are perceived as “hot” gifts, then what are the “not so hot” gifts which should be avoided. I guess that we should be mindful of the following and take into consideration;

  • Cultural and religious differences: Not everyone celebrates Christmas so it could offend a client or employee if you give them something which “shouts” Christmas. If in doubt, rather go the “Happy Holiday” gift which will certainly NOT offend anyone. Something for the whole family to enjoy, like a picnic basket is always well received. Food hampers can also be tricky as there could be Halaal or Kosher requirements and some sweets, biltong etc do not fit the bill.

  • Personal health issues/choices: Be mindful when giving wine or alcohol as some people do not drink due to religious beliefs or personal health issues or choices. If you know the recipient well and they enjoy a tipple or two, then that can certainly be a “hot” gift. Again, if in doubt, do NOT give alcohol, rather give a lovely treat hamper, but take care of what you include. Is the Biltong Halaal, are the jelly sweets gelatine free and please do not include nuts as these can be fatal to some.

  • Incompatible technology items: Not everyone has the same cell phone or tablet, so an Apple fan will not appreciate a phone charger or power bank with an Android fitting or connector. Make sure that connector cables fit all devices to ensure a happy recipient. A 2000mah promo power bank given to an exec is NOT a good idea. If you are not able to budget for high end techno items for year end gifts, then rather stay away from the promo items which are intended for just that… promotions and brand awareness.

What’s “HOT” to some may be “NOT” to others, so go with your gut feel and trust your choices if you have put thought into the gift. You want to be remembered, but for the right reasons.

Thanks for engaging with Conference Complete. Please feel free to contact us for advice and ideas, after all, we do know what is HOT and what is NOT. #yourbrandisourbusiness #yearendgifts #corporategifts.

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