Does reward gifting work?

There is no better feeling than being given a gift from someone when it is least expected. The unexpected gift lets the recipient know that they have been thought of and that they are cared for. This creates a special bond between the giver and the recipient. Now take this to another level, not between two individuals, but between businesses and clients. The action of giving can only strengthen the relationship a business has with its clients and could result in clients returning for “more”. A business gift can be anything from a branded shopper bag to something of greater perceived value for the “big spenders” or new account holders. What is important is that as a business, your customers know that their business is valued.

Branded shoppers:

The use of single-use plastic bags has been an issue for the planet for years, yet we continue to reach for a handful of them every time we do our grocery shopping. Convenience is the key reason behind this, but reusable shoppers are fast becoming the norm with many a frown being cast on those using single use plastic. Our earth just cannot cope with more plastic so does it NOT make perfect sense for a business to give these as gifts to show appreciation. They come in a variety of attractive colours, have great branding potential and can be customised for specific campaigns, give-aways, special days, or just to show that your business cares not only for its customers but for the earth too. Due to the functionality of these bags, they will essentially become walking billboards as they are taken to work, school, the supermarket and on any other daily activity that requires an extra pair of hands. This means that your audience extends way beyond the owner of the bag, involving large numbers of passers-by, friends and co-workers who will be impressed by the versatile and eco-friendly product that has your name on it. #brandedshoppers #ecofriendly

With so many competitors fighting for the same customers, your business must provide a reason for these customers to pick your store. Giving incentives such as gifts or rewards to these customers can be the extra push that they need. A study found that 65% of shoppers say that receiving gifts or rewards impacts their frequency of purchase, so even the little things you can give to your customers will go a long way.


We all know that the kiddies often influence where mom and dad go to shop. So, retailers have the perfect opportunity to keep the little ones happy and at the same time, make sure mom and dad return again and again. A small fridge magnet which is part of a collection, is a very affordable way to entice the little ones to visit with mom and dad on a regular basis, as they just MUST collect them ALL and will be swopping them with friends and family too. These can be customised and turned into very bright little characters which children will be drawn to. #fridgemagnets #collectables There are many other ideas which we are happy to share with you, so contact Complete Gifts #yourbrandourbusiness to discuss further.

Big Spender Gift Ideas:

Clients are often making large purchases, spending thousands and thousands of Rands, so does it not make perfect sense to say thank you? When a car is purchased, the new owner stands in front of his prized possession, grinning from ear to ear as a photo is taken, to record this momentous occasion. He then takes a slow walk around the car as he takes it all in, and when he opens the boot, THERE IT IS! His gift from the dealership, to say “thank you for choosing us, we value your as a client”. It may be a picnic set, to share with the rest of the family, filled with delicious snacks and a delicious beverage too. What is important here, is that the dealerships name is on that basket and will be remembered EVERYTIME it is used. Just one example of a great, BIG SPENDER GIFT. #picnicbaskets

How about Mrs. Jane Doe who has decided that her wardrobe needs a little revamp and decides to open an account, as she saw somewhere that if she did just this, she would be rewarded with a beautiful leather bag once the account is activated. In her mind, she is the winner here, as she would have purchased a bag anyway, but she will now be GIVEN one for “free”, to says thanks for opening an account. WIN-WIN. Business has her hooked to spend more on her account monthly and customer incredibly happy with her gift, which she will tell all her friends about too. #leathergifts

Then what about that newly wed couple setting up house for the first time. They have seen an ad somewhere, saying that all they need to do is purchase a stove and they will receive a free set of cookware with their purchase. Clever retailer, making sure that this couple will keep coming back for more. #homeware

Employee Rewards

It can be hard to keep staff motivated these days, and one way of doing this is by having a rewards and recognition programme in place. In this way, a company can motivate employees to change behavior, improve company culture and make sure that EVERYONE is performing at their best. We at Complete Gifts have years of experience and can assist with various options. How about having some stunning jackets branded very subtly with the company logo and when an employee reaches target or achieves something great, they receive one of these. Subtle branding means the jacket will be worn not only to work, but on the weekends too. Again, a win-win situation, as the company is creating brand awareness both in and out of office and the employee feels appreciated and has worked extra hard to receive this gift and the rest of the employees, will also strive to receive their jacket or whatever other company recognition gifts are available. #brandedjackets #corporatewear

Even something small, like a branded mug or water bottle will be so well received by an employee and make them feel appreciated. How about giving a new starter a personalized mug to say welcome? Imagine how they will feel, seeing their name or a motivational message on their coffee cup every morning. Something small, but it makes such an impact. #brandedmugs #inductiongifts

Not all gifts need to be branded, and in fact not all gifts should be branded, as this could detract from the beautiful item. For example, a crystal glass decanter, should NEVER be branded as the recipient will certainly NOT use if it has a company logo etched onto it. This is a stunning gift and should not be given to create brand awareness, but rather to create client or staff loyalty. Rather package this item in a beautifully company branded gift bag or box with company branded ribbon and tissue paper. #brandedribbon #brandedtissuepaper #brandedgiftbags #brandedgiftboxes

As St Francis of Assisi said – “For it is in giving that we receive”.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact us with your queries.

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