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The practice of giving employee welcome gifts aka induction packs or new starter packs and often referred to as Employee Swag too, has seen more traction in the last couple of years. This is because this aspect of company culture helps the employee adjust well to their new office environment. As there are some returns on an investment to the company, one can argue that it is also a practice geared towards the fulfilment of your overall company mission and vision.

Have a new employee joining your team soon? Apart from getting their work contract in order, why not set them up with some nice new employee swag? A new employee swag refers to onboarding gifts for new employees. Think of it as the cherry on top of an already nice contract, a neat signing bonus (if this is a practice at your organization), and stellar company orientation and training for the brand-new member of your team. All this, plus onboarding gifts for new starters, sets up your employee for success right from the very first day.

Employee swag ideas have been around for a while, and it is now established as a common practice for many companies in different industries worldwide. Giving a new employee a welcome gift is important for more than one reason: It stresses how valuable your company brand is. Working for your company should always have prestige attached to it, and a new employee welcome pack illustrates just that. Giving the best company swag to employees you are welcoming, is giving them reassurance that they are working for a company where they will be taken care of.

The best company swag for employees can instantly dispel many of the uncertainties that a new employee might have about fitting into the work culture, much like a new student may feel when he joins a different school for the first time. This can be achieved if the items in your employee swag box represent your commitment to make your new hire feel right at home.

This can enhance collaboration and teamwork. A lot of companies plan employee swag not just for new starters, but for regular employees as well – and with good reason. Occasionally gifting employees with swag, sends the message that they are being rewarded for a job well done. This feeling is a motivator to do even better. Most employers know, doing better always means working as a stronger, tighter, and more coordinated team.

Using your employee swag ideas to reinforce your company values and mission is a very smart move. This is effective for both new starters and current employees. Be careful when choosing the contents of your swag box and make sure that each one is a tool or a reminder of the things your company believes in, promotes, or is working towards. For example, if one of your company’s core missions is to deliver products and services that promote the welfare of marginalized individuals, an item that is produced by such people is important to include in the swag box. Maybe include an upcycled bag made from billboards, produced by a company supporting local small business and creating employment and upskilling disadvantaged people within the community. This will hit home and be remembered.

Used well, the practice of providing great employee swag gifts, can really have a significant return of investment in numerous ways. Once you try it out, you will eventually see the benefits and reap the rewards.

There are however a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when you purchase employee welcome kits:

Budget. How much does your company allocate for employee welcome packs? While it does not have to be over the top, it should still contain good quality items that are carefully selected to elicit the best response from the recipient.

Relevance of items. Apple employee swag, and swag from other high-end brands are often the talk of the town because they add good quality products that are both attractive and useful – therefore making their swag relevant. You need to consider the culture of the people and try to factor that in as often as you can when you create your new employee welcome kit ideas. The more useful an item is for new employees, the more mileage you will get out of your investment. A stunning lap-top back-pack with a subtle print company logo, will give the new starter something to use each day and will become a travelling advert for your company, whilst making the employee feel valued too.

Balanced choices. Creating employee swag boxes will also be better if you inject warmth into the items to convey a welcoming message. If you have an assortment of useful desk accessories, for example, why not throw in an inspirational coaster or a small desk plant to break the monotony of work-related items? Doing so also displays care and concern for the well-being of your employees. Maybe include a personalised mug, note-book, and pen in the kit, with the company logo too. Immediately, the new starter will be “part of the team” and have a sense of belonging and feeling “at home”.

If part of the new starters job, entails travel, it is a good idea to include some handy branded gifts too. Why not include a beautiful leather luggage tag, a handy blue tooth tracker for things which tend to get misplaced and a handy travel wallet which is always appreciated?

Clothing for new starters is always a hit. Who would NOT want to receive a cool hoody, or jacket or any other branded item of clothing? Just make sure that the clothing fits the culture of the company and that the recipient will WANT to wear the items. It may be a good idea to have stock of a few different items to cater for all preferences. This can add value to the company brand, as a cool company with a cool logo, on a shirt worn by a cool guy, is considered one of the best advertising strategies around.

These are but a few ideas and there are so many more creative ideas around. Some fun add ins may be funky sticky notes, pens and pencils and stationery items or stress balls. Since Covid decided to arrive on our doorsteps, branded face masks and pleasant smelling hand sanitisers are a must for all employees. How about making sure that your new starter is treated to a “lunch on us” on their first day at work. A beautifully curated “lunch box” filled with delicious treats is the BEST way to welcome your new colleague.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements based on your budget and within your specific brief. We would love to help you with your swag packs!

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