How to choose the perfect corporate gift


A gift given is to cement your business’s relationship with either the individual and hopefully with the company too. Making a person feel valued can be a very important part of doing business in some industries and this managing of business relationships can be tricky and can ultimately backfire if not navigated carefully and with thought.

Below a few tips which may help.

· Send out gifts that you’d want to receive, that are relevant to the business. This can really shape the way your business is viewed. That’s why it’s essential to keep it professional, balanced and thoughtful. It can be a tricky line to toe, with spending too much coming off as a possible bribe and spending too little may seem unappreciative.

· We often hear, “it’s the thought that counts”, and this is indeed true. Put some thought into the gift and it will be appreciated. There is nothing more awkward than receiving a gift that you don’t want. So put yourself in the recipient shoes….. imagine receiving a bottle of wine if you cannot drink for religious or health reasons! Very awkward! Or imagine receiving a set of Bluetooth headphones if you are a 60-year-old executive who is not into tech or music! So again, I stress the importance of knowing your clients.

· It might be a good idea to switch things up a bit during the year as most companies give gifts just before the year ends and a client may receive many of the same “happy holiday” gifts, which could be duplicated by many and then just trashed. It can be quite effective to start giving at more random times throughout the year. Just think, if yours is the only gift a client receives, and it’s completely unexpected, it’s going to be infinitely more impactful. Combine that with a thoughtful gift, and you’re onto a winner.

· As usual, the pennies are important, so make sure you have budget set aside each year which will be used for gifting and which allows you to give something which you are proud to have your own company name on. Even if you are not branding the gift, remember that your company name is associated with the gift and if in doubt, go back to the drawing board.

· Have a look at what’s trending that year and maybe incorporate this into your gifting. During the load shedding, solar powered lanterns and solar powered power banks were all the rage. During water restrictions, shower timers were also very popular and now it seems as the world is very eco-conscious, looking for eco friendly gifts. Glass and metal bottles have replaced the plastic water bottle and cork and bamboo are the in thing with even pens and notebooks available in these materials. So, what I am trying to get across is that if the gift fits in with social awareness, then that too can be a good option.

So, based on the above, it is time to get moving and make sure that you order your year-end corporate gifts, seeing as most gifts are given and received over the holiday season according to the above info. It is always a good idea to get in before the rush begins as stock levels dive considerably, lead times increase, thus creating delivery challenges as some businesses close quite early in December. Last minute dot com orders can lead to problems as pressure from all involved may result in botched printing or damaged items. Should you not have the time or capacity to deal with selecting the perfect gift, rather engage with an expert who will ask you all the right questions with regards to budget, gift recipients age and gender, delivery date requirements, branding requirements and other pertinent questions. Thereafter, all you need to do is make your selection and place your order. Done and dusted.

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