Kindness Creates Change

As the world reflects on Nelson Mandela’s legacy, we give thanks for his life, his leadership, and his devotion to humanity and to humanitarian causes. Memories shared over the years by some of the people who knew Nelson Mandela and those who only had brief encounters, illustrate the kind of man he was and just how kind he was to all. This month is his special day on 18th as it is each year, and it is a good idea to see how we can become more like this great man and show some Kindness to others.

You may wonder what does a Corporate Gifting Company, providing branded promotional products have to do with kindness. Well actually a lot! There are suppliers out there, who provide companies like us with branded corporate promotional gifting ideas to offer to our clients like you, and at the same time, doing so much good and showing so much kindness to others. One example of this is Rosie Mashale, affectionately known as Mama Rosie, who puts the needs of children within her community, above her own needs. She works so hard to make a difference in her community by making her Hope Soap, and collaborating with corporate companies, donating 100% of the proceeds she gets for her soap. This money goes to provide shelter and early childhood care for vulnerable or orphaned children with HIV/Aids in the Khayelithsa area. Visit and see how you can assist her in her endeavour to show kindness.

How can you fit this into your marketing plan for the year? This may not be your everyday branded promotional gift, but it could be one way in which your company too can show kindness and show your clients or staff that you care. A bar of Hope Soap, in a branded gift bag, with a little tag, telling someone, “You are special” or “Hope this washes away all your fears”, or perhaps “Washing your hands to stay safe”. So, this gift is showing kindness on 2 different levels!

There is another local company where kindness lies at the heart of this business. This proudly South African company produces 100% hand-made, recycled, plantable and biodegradable paper products that grow into beautiful living herbs, vegetables or flowers when planted. They have become a source of permanent employment for 30+ individuals and provide paid upskilling opportunities for countless more who would be equipped to pursue future job leads. Thanks to this company, there is food on the table, shelter and a future for many families who would have battled without this company. They offer unique products, whilst giving back to both the community and to the environment. A bookmark, branded with your company logo and a message of kindness, not only brings a smile to the recipient’s face, but is also showing kindness to our environment when it is planted and grows into beautiful flowers, or vegetable or herbs. Instead of the usual branded marketing collateral, like a generic notebook, how about a notebook, which can be planted once it is full or what about an out-of-date calendar. Instead of throwing these away, they can be planted, becoming the corporate gifts that just keep giving.

Now is the time within corporate companies, where kindness and care are paramount, and it is up to employees to let their staff know that they are important and cared for. If there are staff coming into office, there may be feelings of anxiety regarding this, so a lovely “We Care” or “We are here for you” gift left on their desks, is always welcomed, and appreciated. A branded notebook or branded mug with a message of kindness, will bring a smile to the face of the recipient.

It is not only employees who need to be shown kindness. What about those clients who have stuck with your company through tough times? They themselves have probably been struggling in many ways and dealing with issues, as we all have. For a client to feel that they are cared for and are not just someone who may spend money with you, makes a huge impact and can only build a stronger relationship. There are so many branded promotional gifts which will be appreciated and at the same time create brand awareness for your company. The gift does not have to be expensive, and sweet treats are always well received. What about a jar, filled with some mints, branded with your logo on the lid and a message of Kindness and thanks popped into the jar? Once the mints are finished, the jar can be replenished by you to keep that client engagement alive. Your will NOT be forgotten.

For a large corporate company to sponsor a charity, school, or NGO with some branded promotional gift items, is one way of showing kindness. Mandela Day on the 18th of July, is a day when people from various companies come together and for 67 minutes, pack food parcels, or make sandwiches, to show kindness for others. On his 90th birthday, in London's Hyde Park, Mandela said: “It is time for new hands to lift the burdens. ... By dedicating 67 minutes of their time - one for every year of Mandela's service - people can give back to the world around them and contribute to global humanitarianism. Covid has unfortunately made it difficult for people to come together on this special day, so a company sending some branded blankets to an orphanage or old age home, is a wonderful gesture of care and kindness. Some schools do not have the luxury of pens, pencils, notebooks, jerseys, scarves, rain jackets or other basic items. All these items can be branded with a company logo or just the school’s logo if need be and delivered to the children who most need them.

The power of promotional products when showing kindness and care, goes an exceptionally long way and all companies should make use of Corporate Gifting Companies to help them, as they have the knowledge, experience, and ability to assist with ideas and campaigns within all budgets. Never has corporate gifting being more relevant than now, when kindness is key, and care is not negotiable.

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