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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The festive season is just around the corner once again, and this means that the hunt will again be on for those perfect gifts for employees and clients. For some, this is a wonderfully happy time where gifts are given with joy, but for some sceptics, there is still doubt as to the advantages of giving year-end gifts. However, giving year-end gifts is no longer seen as a “nice to do” but rather as a business necessity and should be budgeted for annually.

Employee year-end gifts, especially now during these times, which have been so difficult for some, are very important. Some people have experienced extreme sadness over the past year and a year-end gift to say thank you for showing up, and for keeping the company going is a no-brainer! Your company has made it through another very tough year and each and every staff member has played a role in flying the flag high and deserves to be recognized and thanked.

As employees have battled through a year of uncertainty, so too have your clients and their families. This is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation to those clients who have remained loyal to your company and continued doing business with you. A well-thought year-end gift goes a long way and is a great opportunity to build customer loyalty. A client feels important and valued when gifted something lovely and will increase the chances of prolonging the collaboration as your brand remains positively present in their minds.

Branding on year-end gifts does not have to be “loud” or too big! On the contrary, a subtle brand on a beautiful gift makes more sense as the recipient will be more inclined to use the gift on a regular basis, creating brand awareness as the gift is seen by many. Should you decide to include a beautiful Andy Cartwright Afrique Coffee Press and Mug Set as one of your Corporate Year-End Gifts, it would be advisable to make use of a light print to compliment the set, but not too big or bold, as the recipients will not want to use them for a dinner party if the branding is too prominent. The objective is to create discussion around the stunning gift and for the recipient to mention your company name with pride.

Choosing a beautiful picnic basket and beach rug set for employees or clients shows that the company cares about family life and not only wants to reward one person, but their loved ones too. A trip to the beach or park just got better with this thoughtful and useful gift, which is also very tastefully branded with a debossed leather tag. A nice touch would be to add the recipient’s name to make it that much more personal.

It is important to be mindful when selecting Branded Corporate Year-End Gifts and to take into consideration various religions, the recipient's background, or anything else which could potentially offend a client or employee. Branded alcohol-related year-end gifts are often given as celebratory gifts. The stunning Andy Cartwright range this year, offers beautiful wine, champagne, and whiskey glasses, and also a high-end wine opener. All of these offer beautiful packaging with subtle branding options too. Make sure that all recipients on the list to receive any of these gifts, will be happy to be gifted one and if not, have another, more suitable option available. If wishing to remain within the same brand, the gorgeous Andy Cartwright Afrique Salad Bowl and Servers will do just the job!

Some year-end gifting best practice rules to take into consideration

  • What is the company gifting policy?

  • Do give gifts to show appreciation, but not to create expectation.

  • Do not give gifts to a company whilst busy with a tender. This could be perceived as a bribe.

  • Rather give a gift when a project has been completed successfully, at the end of the year.

  • Make sure you spell the recipients' name correctly and if in doubt, call to check.

  • Make sure the gift is wrapped or packaged beautifully.

It is advisable to remember that there is a distinct difference between promotional gifts and corporate gifts. Both are valuable marketing tools, but the latter is usually the more expensive gift to show gratitude and to strengthen working relationships. The former is more to create brand awareness and is usually given away in larger quantities. This will determine your budget for those branded year-end gifts.

As we are well aware, this time of year is busy, and it is often more of a burden than a joy to find those perfect year-end gifts. That is where we come in! Let Complete Gifts assist and lessen the burden for you, as this is our job! We have the perfect solution for you, within your budget.

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Thank you for your time and please visit our website for more ideas and information.

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