Promotional Products for the Health Care Industry

The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industry uses promotional products to its advantage in many ways. The industry distributes the products to the customers to win their loyalty. The recipients keep the freebies in their homes and offices, reminding them of your company and its products. Thus, your promotional products ultimately help drive the recipients to your pharmaceutical or other healthcare products.

Although the medical industry can offer common freebies such as branded mugs, pens, and water bottles to name a few, but these traditional and clichéd items do not always evoke the desired response from the customers. For better brand exposure, pick the promotional products associated with the healthcare industry. You can deliver these gifts on the side-lines of a seminar on health issues or any other virtual event or simply give them away to hospitals, clinics, your employees, and others.

Something like a one-week pill box is a useful gift that users will be happy to receive to keep their weekly schedule of taking pills intact and handy. A helpful reminder to take their pills and a reminder of the company who gave them the gifts, as a logo on the lid is a daily reminder, creating great brand awareness.

The Trek First Aid Kit comes in handy when someone requires medical assistance. The recipients of this little tin can help family or friends when necessary, as it is portable and can fit inside a car cubby hole. The contents of this kit can assist in most everyday emergencies and once again, the star of the show will be the brand displayed on the tin. #brandawareness.

Launching a new drug always creates a buzz and there are so many ways in which a pharmaceutical company can create awareness by giving a gift relevant to the drug and its uses. For example, a drug to assist those suffering from arthritis launched a while back and to create awareness, a small bean bag stress ball, which could be popped into the freezer or the microwave for both heat and cool therapy was given out. Ask #completegifts for suggestions & the team will come up with some great ideas within your budget.

Now more than ever, our health workers and front-line workers need to know that they are appreciated and cared for. They toil day in and day out, risking their lives and those of their families whilst caring for COVID patients. A kit with something useful, branded with a caring, thankful message, will be so appreciated. #wecare #sanitizer #thankyougift

The Isere multi-purpose pack consists of a tubular bandana to be used in replacement of a mask and a 50ml bottle of hand sanitiser in a lanyard pouch with a carabiner, which can be clipped on to a lanyard, on to a belt loop or bag, so you always have hand sanitiser on the go, all packaged together in a pouch. Alternatively, the Ebro hygiene pack, which consists of a disposable face mask, mask holder to store your disposable mask when not in use, and a 50ml bottle of hand sanitiser, packaged in a pouch to get your brand logo out there. These 2 hygiene packs are small enough to keep in a bag and when one arrives at a destination, “sans masque” as we all have done many times, one is happy to have one of these little packs stowed away. No one has the time to go all the way home to get a mask!

For a more personal “thank you gift” for these heroes, why not give them a “pamper” gift, with some treats too. There is nothing nicer than receiving a lovely box which can be custom made for the recipient. How about a lovely pair of soft slippers and hydrating foot cream for those tired feet, some hand lotion for those hard working, caring hands, an adult colouring book to take their minds off all the sadness and of course, who would not love some delicious, sweet treats.

How about packing a bright and cheerful looking lunch bag for the health care workers? These delivered to the nurses, paramedics, and other staff in the hospitals, can lift spirits and make these wonderful people realise that they are so appreciated. Include some treats, which can be shared with their family, hand sanitizers or wipes. A personal “Thank You” note can be included too. The sky is the limit, and our team of experts can advise and customise to your requirements, within your budget.

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“For all you are, for all to do, we say thank you”.

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