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Gosh, can you believe that we made it! Welcome to 2022 and congratulations for making it through another extremely challenging year. Before you start beating yourself up about anything, be it weight gain, consuming too much alcohol, spending too much money, not exercising enough, making bad relationship decisions.... blah, blah blah! STOP. Now is the time to RESET. No need for New Year’s Resolutions, as these are often destructive, and often unattainable. Why you may well ask?

One problem with New Year’s resolutions is that they’re at New Year. People want to have an external reason — perhaps even an excuse — to reinvent themselves. It’s hard to change, so it’s tempting to use an external factor — the turn of the year — as a focus for our desire to change. But the very fact that we’re using the New Year to spur us into action might indicate that we’re not able to do the hard work of changing. Indeed, the hype surrounding the New Year might mean that we’re over-ambitious and unrealistic.” Peter Kinderman

So, what is one to do? One idea is a “Reset” instead of a New Year’s resolution, as this is something that can be assessed and tackled weekly. We can reset our thinking just by choosing how we word things. For example, “I am going to be healthier in the New Year” compared to “ By the end of the first week in January, I am going to have attended at least 3 yoga classes”. The second one is much more attainable than the first don’t you think?

Taking this Reset idea from a personal level into the workplace is also a great idea, and employees can support their staff by having a weekly “Reset” meeting. At the beginning of the year, team leaders can give the staff a company-branded Reset Box filled with goodies to help them with their journey. Luckily for you, we have also had a company reset and can now offer our corporates, full colour branded boxes of various sizes, branded according to their requirements.

A great way to get this going is to present each staff member with a branded box and branded pen at the first reset meeting. In it can be a card with a welcome to 2022 Reset message and some space where each member can write down what they plan to do at work to Reset. Each staff member is asked to read out what they have written down and how they plan to execute this decision.

At the following meeting, each will be given a company-branded diary, where they will make notes and track their reset progress. So, if this is a sales team, one of them may have said that they want to increase sales each week by 10%. This person can keep track of his/her sales every week in the diary and have a visual as to how they are doing. Another member may have said he/she wants to make a total of 50 sales calls a week and wants to get 12 meetings per week. Again, the diary will help to track this. Each week, those staff members who have managed to stick to their reset goals could receive a little something to add to their reset box. How about a set of sticky notes and highlighters which are always useful? Remember to put your company logo on all items as this too will create brand awareness and bind the team members as a unit.

Always bring the fun factor into campaigns like this as your team will remain engaged and look forward to the weekly meetings. Items to include in reset boxes could be quirky and clever, but useful too. How about some “you are the balm” lip balm or a branded stress ball with a clever comment or a smiley face. When times get tough, a stress ball is just the thing needed. Nothing like squishing a stress ball to poke and prod and even throw to relieve stress. Nothing wrong with one week adding a sweet treat or two. Who does not like a little sweetness from time to time? Note the words “a little”, NOT copious amounts as this is counter-productive and can lead to a sugar crash during the workday. Not great for productivity and clear thinking.

Add a branded fitness item or a branded water bottle to the box one week as these items will also help on a personal level at home. Healthy staff lead to healthy businesses and healthy staff do not take time off and are more productive. They are more likely to stick to their reset goals if they're attaining their reset goals at home too.

These are but a few ways in which companies can enter the new year and get staff to buy into the reset culture and get excited about what’s to come.

Make a commitment to yourself and staff to start the new year with a renewed spirit and energy by processing, healing, forgiving, reflecting, and letting go. This is the beginning of great things for all concerned.

  • Heal your heart

  • Forgive yourself

  • Get closure and let it go

  • Declutter your home & office

  • Simplify your life

  • Make more time for fun

  • Make more time to work out

  • Create a realistic plan

  • Make a bucket list

As Michael Altshuleer said “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot”.

So, time to reset and take flight on the wonderful journey of 2022.

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