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Why Notebooks you may well ask. It may feel with the introduction of computers and other technology in the workplace, that paper is obsolete when it comes to day to day working. This might be true for documents, and other business forms, but stationery is far from fading. From personal preference to an enhanced productivity tool, notebooks are bigger than ever, and it seems as though people are pretty picky, looking for not only practicality, but also at times looking for a stylish and good quality notebook too. It is noticeably clear that there seems to be a certain amount of “notebook snobbery” doing the rounds, as believe me, NOT ALL NOTEBOOKS are born equal!

There are many reasons why a company should choose branded notebooks. Your brand can be promoted at shows and exhibitions, without you having to fork out huge amounts of cash to pay for a stand or for banners to be displayed. These little branded treasures will be your “walking” advert until all the pages are used up. There are so many ways in which #brandednotebooks will increase your brands visibility. Other chunky items, like branded mugs or desk top items, are static and may never leave the building, whereas a notebook is portable and will definitely “travel”. Be it sitting at a desk, attending internal meetings or attending trade shows and conferences, your notebook will be shown off for everyone else to see.

This is the perfect opportunity to get the creative juices flowing and produce something that is finished off beautifully with branding that is designed to draw attention. Premium custom notebooks will leave a lasting impression, and what company does not want to be known as a business that produces things of high quality? Even better, if your company is known for supporting local businesses, this too will enhance your brand. There are some wonderful #local companies producing beautiful, handstitched notebooks, with design teams guiding you through the process, whilst also creating jobs during these difficult times. Launching a new product, offering an added service or just wanting to tell the WORLD who your company is? Choose a branded notebook and why not add a few tip-in pages into your A5 notebook, with your company portfolio or company values. For example, they can be highly effective for adding information such as conference timetables and important information, staff training or simply more information about your company or product offerings. Even in a smaller A6 notebook, there is more than enough room on the cover to create something with a great design and clear text allowing your brand to be noticed from meters away.

Not every company has the budget for these bespoke and beautifully curated notebooks, or Moleskins but there is something to fit ALL budgets. The generic range of notebooks is huge and all you need to do is choose what suites the occasion or event and your pockets. An affordable notebook with a quirky message, is sure to catch the attention of the recipient, or why not a belly band with an eye-catching image or even a voucher or competition, to encourage client engagement. So much is possible, and MARKETING NEEDS TO CONTINUE during tough times too. If all physical marketing collateral stops, this sends the wrong message to staff and customers alike. Your brand needs to continue shouting to remain relevant. It is also so important to Find ways to deliver joy. Sending a branded notebook with an uplifting message of thanks or even something humorous is a way to surprise and delight your employees or clients working from home. Times like these is when they will welcome signs of thoughtfulness and care. Businesses that keep others in mind will be remembered for how they acted and treated their clients and employees when things were at their worst.

I personally have at times found that a notebook is my best companion, being reliable and so versatile. I do not need to charge it, and I do not need a monthly debit order to allow me to use it continuously, unlike the very impersonal digital options out there. My notebook can go with me anywhere and should a brilliant idea pop into my head, it is there just waiting for my pencil to make its mark. My notebook is my reminder as my head can only remember so much, and I often find myself returning to my notebook to make sure I have ticked off my to do list.

I find joy in a new, fresh notebook. Clean and crisp pages just calling to me to write something down. The smell, the feel and the look make me think back to my childhood as I hoarded so many notebooks as I was always given these on special occasions. They were ultimately ALL used and had dog ears but looking back and reading what was scribbled down in those notebooks brings back so many memories, some good and some sad, but all part of my own history. Why not give someone a branded notebook and let them also write their own history, whilst also creating brand awareness for your company. Who knows, your brand could be complicit in rewriting history, as you NEVER know what will be written down and how those words could impact the world.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact us for any information regarding #brandednotebooks or any other branded marketing collateral.

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