The 5 R’s of Branded Promotional Products

When one purchases promotional products, it is difficult to measure the return to investment of your corporate gift ideas, or “how much bang you are getting for your buck”. The key ingredients for measuring the value of branded promotional products are:

· Reach: does the product elevate the brand reach and deliver adequate exposure? Ask yourself if the item will make your brand look good and how many people will be seeing this gift with your brand on? A desk clock on the MD’s desk is less likely to reach as many people’s eyes as does a branded notebook or a beautifully branded pen which is used daily and travels with the recipient, thus becoming your “moving advert”. Make sure that your branded corporate gift you are giving, gets seen by as many people as possible.

· Recall: does the product produce high brand recall and generate high brand awareness? In other words, will your brand be remembered for the right reasons by the recipient? Someone is more likely to remember a good quality branded corporate gift than just any old corporate gift idea thrown at them at a conference or event. Never give something, just for the sake of giving. Research shows that 9 out of 10 recipients of branded corporate gifts or branded marketing collateral, remembered the brand on the item, 8 out of 10 remember the message on the item and 7 out of 10 remember the call to action.

· Resonance: does the product enhance brand resonance and create a favourable attitude? For example, a gym franchise gives gym towels and water bottles to existing members who give three referrals and new members who sign up get a free gym bag. It would be so off the mark if they decided to give out braai tongs or oven gloves which do not fit in with the gym and exercise culture. Also, clients receiving corporate gifts in Cape Town, have a different style and do not necessarily like or want, what clients in other areas do. It is vital for corporate gifting companies to know their clients & culture.

· Relativity: does the product gain relativity against other advertising? Research done concluded that the branded promotional gifts form of advertising prompts most action and across all generations. Second is broadcast (tv & radio), third is online advertising, fourth is the print form of advertising, be it newspapers, magazines or brochures, etc. & lastly mobile advertising.

· Reaction: does the product stimulate a reaction or a change in buying behaviour? Back to the gym analogy….. the gym members get excited to see freebies being given out and will happily refer three friends in order to get that towel or water bottle. That hesitant gym joiner may just sign on that dotted line if he knows that he is getting a free gym bag when he becomes a member. Research results revealed that 80% of recipients of branded corporate gifts or branded promotional items researched the brand or logo on said item; 83% of recipients were more likely to do business with the brand and 81% of this group kept the items for over a year and some even up to 11 years. The gifts are more likely to be kept if they are functional, fun and trendy.

Please click on the video links below for some new and trendy ideas. Enjoy and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need further information on any of the items highlighted below.

Thanks for taking the time to engage with us again and on a final note……

Investing in quality products for corporate gifting is important because ultimately, if it is not something people want, then it is a waste of money. Make it count & apply the 5 R’s.

Contact us if you need assistance with a campaign or if you are stuck in a gifting rut. Our team is committed to offering the best solutions to your requirements!

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