The Power of Women

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. – W.E.B Dubois

In South Africa, the 9th of August each year, commemorates the 1956 march of 20 000 women to the Union Buildings in Pretoria, to petition against The Population Registration ACT, which required South Africans defined as “black” to carry a pass. The women stood quietly for half an hour and then started to sing a protest song Wathint'Abafazi Wathint’imbokodo which translates into “Now you have touched the women, you have struck a rock. Later, the phrase, “you strike a woman, you strike a rock” came to represent the women’s strength, courage, and tenacity in South Africa.

So, this month is the month we need to honour and applaud our Superwomen who continue to shine and do the most amazing things, not only for themselves, but for others too. Let us meet some of these women entrepreneurs who are shining stars in South Africa.

Dineo Lioma, the co-founder of Incitech, CapeBio Technologies & Deep Medical Therapeutics, who before the age of 30 co-founded these three innovative companies in the sphere of biotechnology. As a result of her ingenuity, she is assisting doctors to determine the best therapies for drug resistant diseases like TB. Source: Queens College Cambridge. All her companies are making a huge difference in the world of medicine and making lives of so many better. Not only is she assisting doctors and patients, but she is also creating employment has been chosen by Forbes Africa, as one of the Top Wealth Creators in Africa.

Nneile Nkholise, founder & director @ iMED Tech Group established her company in 2015 while still busy with her degree in mechanical engineering. Her aim was to provide innovative medical solutions to improve healthcare delivery in Africa. Her awareness of social issues, made her determined to make a social impact, create a strong collaboration between engineering & medicine. Her belief that women have power and potential has played a major part in her success in the medical technology sector, and as a result, she has created jobs and improved the lives of so many, for different reasons. Source: Venture Burn.

Jeanne Groenewald, founder, and owner of Elgin chickens began raising free-range chickens for her family and friends. In 2002 she took a leap of faith and started Elgin Chickens which today is the largest independent free range chicken operation in South Africa. This wonder woman is responsible for creating employment for over 300 people in Grabouw, which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, where job creation at this level is testament to the positive effect that Elgin Free Range Chickens has and will continue to have on the local economy. Instead of sitting back and reaping the rewards of her hard work, Jeanne says, “It’s important to us, to be active in our community and participate in making a better future for everyone, and not just through the excellence of our product”, says Jeanne, “we are very much part of a bigger family, being the Elgin farming community and actively involved in outreach and development projects”

These 3 ladies are but a few of the women out there making a difference. So, this Women’s Day, companies around the country should be showing their support for ALL Women with some sort of corporate gifting. In 2017, Dean of students at the Durban University of Technology attended an event and said, “A women’s worth is not just in her appearances, the power of a woman and the role she plays in each one of our lives is remarkable. It took me an exceptionally long time to realise this but now I can attest that women are the pillar of our society. Women have the capability to lead the nation to a better world, they can drive change and create a better place for every one of us. It is not only important for women to respect themselves but as a society, we must embrace, love, honour and respect females too,”

Gift ideas for this Women’s Day:

· Pamper Products are always a winner and are guaranteed to make a lady feel incredibly special. These corporate giftsets can be branded with your company logo or a special card with a message can be included. Why not choose from #CapeIsland, as this company is owned by a group of women with the same mindset and social conscience. They are an environmentally and socially responsible company whose mission is to be a force for positive change in their immediate community and the wider continent by finding ways to give back to Africa. #womenhelpingwomen

· Hampers filled with treats and a “thank you” message to those superwomen employees are always a hit. Business corporate gifting does not always have to be the same old “expected” gift. Mix it up a bit and add a twist with some delicious edibles, packaged in a beautifully branded box or bag with your company branded tissue paper.

· Add a bit of sparkle to the lives of those Super Women at work. Try to include a variety of gift ideas inspired by modern-day women – look for something charming and elegant or something fun and useful. Our range of magnificent metallic corporate gifts which can be branded, are a great way to show the ladies, that they are appreciated. After-all, who does NOT like some sparkle? Choose a rose gold round lip-balm, a pom-pom key holder or one of the stunning sassy mobile tech items. Power banks do not have to be boring at all and come in a range of feminine colours too.

Whatever your industry, whoever your Super Women are, there is that perfect branded corporate gift just waiting to be adorned with your logo and given with love to show appreciation, support, and care. Women’s Day events, which have now gone online, cannot go without gift giving. A virtual Women’s Day celebration is complete once each lady has opened her beautiful corporate gift, read her message of appreciation, and connected with all her wonderful women colleagues.

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